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[LINK]: Magic Iso

Post by gremlin » Mon Sep 24, 2007 4:43 pm

Hi all
i have just uploaded MAGIC.ISO to rapidshare for you to all have a look including serial# reg info "not my name"

this is a realy good prog for working with .iso files as you can actualy open an .iso file and take out files an put files back in then remake the iso or burn cd from image.

i found this realy good as i got a windows 2000 SP4 iso but it was not a bootable cd image ??.
so i made a .iso file from my windows 2000 sp2 disk as this was a botable disk opened the iso image with this program deleeted all the files and copied all the fils over from the windows SP4 disk in my cdrom drive to the iso program and burned a cd from image in window

now i have a windows 2000 SP4 bootable cd and i am verry happy ?? :D

some other .iso programmes will only let you inject files with the same name and size etc
so i found this one realy good to use


many thanks all who keep this super site running



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