[?]: 0-20000 problem in GE Fanuc IC200ALG240

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[?]: 0-20000 problem in GE Fanuc IC200ALG240

Post by serhan » Fri Jul 06, 2007 11:26 am

Hello I am using IC200ALG240 in my DCS system.
The problem is taking AI values from site with the range of 0-20000 to Machine Edition , it is equal to 0 mA - 20 mA.
But I need to see my AI's with the range of 0 - 32767 ( 4mA - 20mA ) in Machine Edition.
There is no switch on ALG240 cards.
I think there is a program for calibrating these cards through NIU's ; but I don't know anyting about it.
I need detailed information about this problem and if there is a program also I need its download link.

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