[LINK]: CD WinCC ODK v6.0 SP4 (Open Development Kit)

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[LINK]: CD WinCC ODK v6.0 SP4 (Open Development Kit)

Post by ppp » Mon Apr 02, 2007 12:22 pm


All 8 parts:
Open Development Kit (ODK)

The ODK options package makes it possible for development
engineers to use internal WinCC functions.

The following examples are possible, for example:
- access to values in the tag manager or archive
- generic configuration - for example, create tags or pictures
- integration of existing processing systems
- create messages from user routines
- control samples recording from a user routine
- control reports/logs from user programs
- use WinCC configuration masks for self-developed
software options

The following data can be accessed:
- in the tag manager
- in the archives
- configuration data

Configuration and runtime functions can be used.

A whole number of functions have been added to version 4
of the ODK package. Here is a selection of the most
important extensions:
- determine dynamics of objects in a picture
- prevent closure of a picture
- change password
- stop/resume report service
- determine number of messages
- create multilingual information text passages
- determine time of archiving
- insert data in an archive
- disable/enable archive data medium

The API functions can be used at the following points:
- in C development environments for users' own Windows
applications, Microsoft's Visual C++ version 5 is
required as a development environment.
- within WinCC - for example, in the global scripts or
GraficsDesigner for C actions.

The ODK options package consists of:
- a CD-ROM with header files, libraries, online Help,
examples in C and C++ and also an example project
- manuals in English with a description of the API functions
- voucher for a one-day beginners' introductory seminar called
"Introduction to ODK" for up to three participants.

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Re: [LINK]: CD WinCC ODK v6.0 SP4 (Open Development Kit)

Post by maher » Thu Mar 09, 2017 4:20 am

Please i want to get " WinCC/ODK (Open Development Kit " but the previous links are not working

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Re: [LINK]: CD WinCC ODK v6.0 SP4 (Open Development Kit)

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mega updated

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