[?]: Help with WinCC V5 licence key

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[?]: Help with WinCC V5 licence key

Post by flashy » Wed Feb 14, 2007 9:17 pm

Hi Peps

I have to help a good friend out and need to install a 1024RC licence for WinCC SCADA .

If i install the A9WRC330 SIK/SIMATIC WINCC RC 1024 Tags using the old the old "SiemensENG.exe" method, check it in ALM V3 is checks ok , does this mean that it stands a good chance of working

Many thanks for your help in advance..


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Post by CoMod » Thu Feb 15, 2007 4:36 am

Old short key installed by Siemens.exe is fully compatible with ALM v3.0.
But you need also install other keys for WinCC:
A9WRC?* WinCC RC - only One key
A1WPC2* WinCC Advanced Process Ctrl"
A1WPC4* WinCC Chipcard"
A9WCL6* WinCC Profibus FMS"
A9WC17* WinCC S5 Ethernet TF"
A9WC18* WinCC S5 Ethernet Layer4"
A9WC19* WinCC TI Ethernet Layer4"
A9WSRD* WinCC Redundancy"
A9WSEC* WinCC Server"
A9WARC* WinCC User Archives"

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