[Link]: LogoSoft V5.0

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[Link]: LogoSoft V5.0

Post by Michel1972 » Mon Jan 09, 2006 9:06 pm

Is somebody able to upload LogoSoft V5.0 to rapidshare?

Thank you!

The new s7

LOGO! V5.0 Upgrade

Post by The new s7 » Wed Feb 01, 2006 3:19 pm

Hello LOGO! Friends

Now you can download the V5.0 Upgrade under:
https://www2.automation.siemens.com/log ... index.html
Upgrade LOGO!Soft Comfort: V1.0 / V2.0 / V3.x / V4.0 to V5.0
https://www.automation.siemens.com/logo ... stall.html
Update LOGO!Soft Comfort V5.0 (languages and service packs)
https://www.automation.siemens.com/logo ... ogoV5.html
(48.5 MB)
Delete by TimeOut wrote:Download the Updatetrick + instructions under:

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Post by TheNewS7 » Mon Mar 12, 2007 3:05 pm

Upgrade LOGO!Soft Comfort: V1.0 / V2.0 / V3.x / V4.0 to V5.0 and Documentation:
http://www.automation.siemens.com/logo/ ... index.html

Language packs and Service pack LOGO!Soft Comfort V 5.0.21:
http://www.automation.siemens.com/logo/ ... ogoV5.html

Link for Update trick :
Link_is_Dead :(/Update_Trick.zip
2.7 mb

Create the folder C:\Programms\Siemens\ if not allready exists
and put the LOGOComfort_V5 folder from cvalka inside.

Run the LOGO!v5.0 Update and select the path to the LOGOComfort_V5 folder...

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Post by Link » Wed Dec 26, 2007 7:29 pm

Link from Skiff-77
Logo soft v5:
Link_is_Dead :(/Logo_soft_v5.part1.Link_is_Dead :(
Link_is_Dead :(/Logo_soft_v5.part2.Link_is_Dead :(
Link_is_Dead :(/Logo_soft_v5.part3.Link_is_Dead :(
Link_is_Dead :(/Logo_soft_v5.part4.Link_is_Dead :(
Link_is_Dead :(/Logo_soft_v5.part5.Link_is_Dead :(
Link_is_Dead :(/Logo_soft_v5.part6.Link_is_Dead :(
Link_is_Dead :(/Logo_soft_v5.part7.Link_is_Dead :(
Link_is_Dead :(/Logo_soft_v5.part8.Link_is_Dead :(

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