Problems with ESA VT585W TP

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Problems with ESA VT585W TP

Post by krcedinac » Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:33 am

Hello friends,

This morning when I came to the mill Touch Panel that controls the hood was not responding to the touching. I tried to switch it of and on but it was always on the Alarm page. I reseted alarm from the local controls panel and it went back to the Welcome page, still not responding to the touch commands. So I thought that it may be a problem of calibrating the screen and I tried to do the procedure but the panel is not responding like it should. It should point me to the different corners in order to do the calibation but the screen with current calibration settins is on the screen. Of course it is not reacting on touching. When I tried to press a little bit around the screen area it reacts.
It is Italin company and it is big holiday there today. Please help if someone had expirience with this panel. How to restore touch control? On Siemens panels it is posible to attach mouse and resolve problem but hire I dont see that possibility.
Here is a link
Model is VT 585W Release 5.3

Thanks in advance

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