Looking fordwars WinCCFlexible 2005 Keys

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Looking fordwars WinCCFlexible 2005 Keys

Post by SPARKYBI » Mon Jul 24, 2006 11:01 pm

Hi to everybody.

I'm looking fordward WinCCFlexible 2005 Keys (I have already the software but not the keys).

I have download many from Emule but none of them work.

If somebody can tell me where to find a good one or can send it to me I will thank him very much.

Thank you in advance for your attention.



Post by See » Wed Jul 26, 2006 2:25 pm


SIFLA9XCC10100.EKB WinCC flexible /ChangeControl 2005 Advanced
SIFLA9XEC10101.EKB WinCC flexible 2005 Compact
SIFLA9XEP10101.EKB WinCC flexible 2005 Advanced
SIFLA9XES10101.EKB WinCC flexible 2005 Standard
SISLA9XAR30100.ekb WinCC flexible /Archives for PC
SISLA9XAU20101.ekb WinCC flexible /Audit for Panels
SISLA9XAU30101.ekb WinCC flexible /Audit for PC
SISLA9XCI30100.ekb WinCC flexible /Recipes for PC
SISLA9XOP20100.ekb WinCC flexible /OPC-Server for MP's
SISLA9XOP30100.ekb WinCC flexible /OPC-Server for PC
SISLA9XPA20100.ekb WinCC flexible /ProAgent for Panels
SISLA9XPA30100.ekb WinCC flexible /ProAgent for PC
SISLA9XRP10101.ekb WinCC flexible 2005 Runtime (128)
SISLA9XRP20101.ekb WinCC flexible 2005 Runtime (512)
SISLA9XRP30101.ekb WinCC flexible 2005 Runtime (2048)
SISLA9XSA20100.ekb WinCC flexible /Sm@rtAccess for Panels
SISLA9XSA30100.ekb WinCC flexible /Sm@rtAccess for PC
SISLA9XSS20100.ekb WinCC flexible /Sm@rtService for Panels
SISLA9XSS30100.ekb WinCC flexible /Sm@rtService for PC

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