I want to connect with Sinumerik840 via Mpi SinuCom NC ?

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I want to connect with Sinumerik840 via Mpi SinuCom NC ?

Post by Danyy » Fri Jul 07, 2006 9:16 am

Hi,someone have this tool?
I want to connect with Sinumerik840 via Mpi.
Correct tool is SinuComNC?
Wath is HMI advance? is necessary?

Thank to much

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Post by burich » Sun Jul 09, 2006 2:19 am

hi danny ,
the sinucom nc is the tool for load inside the pcu50/70 on 840di.
you want to go on line in the port mpi in the cnc 840d / 810d/ 840di?
the first you need the lep-top with cp5511 , cp5512 adapter, and the software is the special software like hmi but for pc-pg it's not the same that hmi for 840 xx because the driver's for windows are different, for win98 you have the software v 5.3 , the name of software is mmc start up, for win xp the software is another version but the same name MMC START UP , and must be necessary configuration the software for go -on line in mpi 187 kb , for 840di must be necessary mpi 1,5 mb .
i fyou need more information , please contact me again .

if you want , you can contact me on burich@bsi.com.br


Post by Danny » Mon Jul 10, 2006 11:11 am

Hi burich,thanks to much for your disponibility.
I have this problem:
I want to connect my pgSiemens with SInumerik840D.
Now I read S7-Plc program inside,but I don't know how save program,data machine ed alarm of Cn.
I have a siemensPg with Cp5611and WinXp.

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Post by burich » Mon Jul 10, 2006 4:52 pm

hi danny ,
first i need to know how software you use .
The plc S7 programam version.... you can go -on line an save ONLY the plc program in open new project and then up-load station.
For save the alarms is only in the pcu20/50/70 only with winpcin not in binary mode.
The text of alarms is on the pcu and not in the ncu840d
And for save the nc machine date and the other's you can use
winpcin in binary trhou pcu or other mode with another sw: mmc start up with the correct address plug in the ncu 840d , and it;s necessary made
series start up , here you can save the complete nc in binary mode (nc.arc and plc.arc . bouth files are in binary mode and the only file you can open is nc.arc with the ultraedit32 v10.0b.
if you need more information ,please contact me again


Post by Danyy » Tue Jul 11, 2006 11:01 am

Hi burich,
areYou a sinumerik teacher?
I use Step7v53
You know where Can I find mmc start up?
Thanks to much!!!


810d / 840d

Post by burich_ » Wed Jul 12, 2006 1:49 am

hi danny,
I'm working for a very long time with 810d/840d/840di/ , i don't know if i'm a teacher but i study very much and a lot of people talk with me.
1) for make the backup (up-load the program) with s7 v5.3 , the comunication in the pg-pc (notebook) (s7)interface must be in 187 kby, rack=o , mpi =2, you need open a new project , insert s7-300 station and then "upload station ", afther this you ( wait a 5 or 10 minutes) have a backup of plc program without of comentary. OK ! The software said back up complete.
Atention ! , for open the hardware in the project of S7 is necessary install the toolbox for 810d/840d /840di in the step 7 library , the tool box must be the same version of pcmcia card in the case of 840d , it's not absolut necessary for make upload but you can install tool box> =of pcmcia version , may be version 6.5 , only apply setup and the tool box install alone , then you can see or open the hardware of the project upload of step7 , if the toolbox not installated you can not open the hardware in the step 7 project!! OKK, you understand? It's necessary the tool box for open the hardware ! this valid for 801d/840d/840dI.
If you load the tool box you can not open the hardware , or open with error.
If it's necessary make a new project for your machine you must use the tool box of the same version of pcmcia card because after you load the program inside of your plc the plc goes to stop mode and you never know why goes to stop !this is valid for 840d/810d/840di , for the other's cnc are similary , see "table of compatibily"! in the site of www.siemens.de
2) for the alarms text use winpcin in txt mode ( not binary mode) configure rs232 interface in the notebook and in the pcu20/50/70.
Por each pcu the file is in different position inside , for pcu20 you must go in the screen startup or service not remember , then selection text+ input and you have 2 languajes , in the pcu50/70 with hard disk i don't know where the manufacturer load it ,the name maby is xxx .txt or
xxxx.com, normaly is in F> mmc2 and in one file inside and you must look inside in the windows mode ( boot the pcu in win mode).
and you can make the backup of alarms in windows mode throu the network MAP, but in your pg with win xp it's necessary put 2 files.
The pcu50/70 only comunication in "netbios"protocol , you can fin it inside the cd od win xp ( 2 drivers)then must be load inside the pg and add in network protocol on win xp "netbios", the name of computer must be ANDUSER ( automation and drivers user) and the password "SUNRISE". then you must ready for comunication in"map" network with pcu50/70 , the pcu must be boot in mindows mode.this is not to easy , it's necessary experence.
I dont' know where you can find the mmc start up, you have the sinucom nc?
Which version of sinucom nc you have , sinucom arc , sinucom FFS, sinucom nc , ?? cd rom with sinucom nc ??or give me the site where you made download for to see what you have?
Maybe, I'dont know, we can use the www.yousentit.com for sent the files , I use this site is for sent a very big sotfware , i don't remember which the version of mmc start up i have, maybe i have for win 98 , but you need the version the mmc star up for win xp or win2K, i see and need to study your sinucom nc for saiy to you if it's possible or not , i always use mmc start-.
In the mmc start-up or IBS you can 2 point in the ncu for go on line , in the same port for s7 , mpi and 187kby this valid for 810d/840d , for other port in the opi ( painel operator)in the nck port at 1,5 mby this is only for 840d , for 840di it's diferent (1,5 mby) , and first you need to set the address for mmc start up before go on line , in the mpi port you must configure (MMC)softkey of mmc start up , plc=2 , nck=3 and speed 187 kby. .
In the port opi the speed of comunication is 1,5 mby and the address is other's.
The mmc sart up or IBS for simodrive id good working off-line and then when you know the software you can go on-line for make the complete back-up of ne and plc : NC.ARC and PLC.ARC ( series start -up ) , rememember put the general machine data MD 11210=0 and then make other backup with 11210=FF.
The software mmc start up work of line it's too easy lock , and then turn off and turn on the notebook . in the software f10= start and Shift F9 = exit ,
F10= start ,
The calbe for comunication the mmc star up or IBS is the same of S7 , always try to comunication on 187 kby in the port of same of s7 and configure mmc start-up with nck=3 ,plc=2 and 187 kby , make the back up one only each time , first nck with compstion data , and then plc , bouth of files is in the binary mode , try not open ten for corruptthe file's.
Please , if you need more support , cantact me again .
Don't rememeber saiy that which the the sinucom you have and then where you made the download . All wew talk here it's about for 810d/840d with simodrive driver's , for the new driver's , Sinamics it's all diferentt, ok
buy, and good luck :idea:


Post by Danyy » Wed Jul 12, 2006 3:02 pm

Hi burich,
I don't have sinucom nc.
I have only SinuCom-PCIN and Siemens_Simatic_SINUMERIK_810_840D_Toolbox_05_2003.
Thank for all,after your training I start to understand :lol:


810D/ 840D

Post by burich@bsi.com.br » Thu Jul 13, 2006 12:58 am

hi danny ,
hallo ,now i understand you because i thought that you have the complete software sinucom nc ( cd-rom) , the complete software in cd rom have :sinucom nc , sinucom arc, sinucom FFS , sinucom pcin and others , you not have sinucom nc complete , you have only sinucom pcin , that is the same that winpcin, it's only a software for comunication serial run in win xp and w2k, only comunication is possivel in the mmc 103 , mmc100.2 or pcu50/70 via serial port COM 1 , it's NOT possivel comunication with plc on the board nck in the mpi 187 kby or OPI in the 1,5 mby, this software it's only for serial comunication.!!!!!! IN the data in mode , example machine data only it's possivel load insite the cnc via serial COM 1 port , for load this data not use com2 because is not possivel , comunication is good but not load !! ok !.
If you have the pcu20 it's possivel made in "service", looking for the file sart up , + input and then you have nck and plc , you can data out mode in binary format in the sinucom nc (notebook) and in the cnc (bouth) and have the back up that is that same serial star up with mmc start up ( MD 11210=0) and in the text mode data out ( bouth) in the cnc and notebook you casn make the upload of text of alarms , BUT YOU CAN NOT CONNECT IN MPI PORT .
Ok, now you have step 7 and after install the tool box software , you can make the up-load station and open the hardware. For comunication on nkc board in the mpi port or opi the mmc start up software is necessary anf configuration it.
If you have more questions , please contact me again , thank you :lol:


Post by Danyy » Thu Jul 13, 2006 10:58 am

Hi burich,
I know who SinuCom-PCIN is only for serial comunication.
I want to understand if there are some other software/tool more handly to use.
I will like to go online with CN read MD,allarm whit help,read file.arc offline where is possible...edit program directly without use pcu.
I have a pg with mpi/profibus and I will like to use it.
Before your post I knew only PCIn.
I used and programmed for build machine Fm357with "Fm357 toolbox", now I will want to find a
similar software for configure , program and to manage 840d/801d.
Now I will tray to use mmc start up ( if i find it ).
Thank to much burich


810d/ 840d

Post by burich@bsi.com.br » Thu Jul 13, 2006 11:04 pm

hallo danny,
you can edit part program (mpf ) or spf , guds, etc or other any program off line in the notepad or worpad in the winxp you not need special software for make this off line , the only "" the first line ( head ), the way path must be correct" for the file go inside the control in the correct file with the correct path, when you sent it with the sinucompcin in text format , if you don't the know the head you must make the data out in sinucom pcin and the see the head , each file have one diferent head ., ok !
The only software for you go on-line in the mpi port is the mmc start up for win xp ,it's the same for make start up the driver's (simodriver's and motors ) in the siemens have the MLFB i don't remember the number and you must use the version for win xp , i never see in the netwotk for make download. The correct name i don't know is not mmc star up is something like IBS but you must be expert because exist the IBS for an old simodrive 611A that is all different , this you find in the network , but isn't mmc star up , OK ( in germany is ibs ....) the comercial name is mmc start up. :wink:

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