Making Step7 V5.4 long floating token valid!!!!

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Making Step7 V5.4 long floating token valid!!!!

Post by flashy » Wed May 03, 2006 6:29 pm

Hi Peps

I have sucessully copied an upgrade token and produced a full floating token on disk. THis works ok, but had to resort to the old FDA to get it to work.

Could'nt get ekbackup to work, formated yellow disc, and special tracks, all ok but would regcognise a valid token...

Anyways i have got the long floating key SIFLA171040504.ekb copied from the master disc which works, onto my HD, but when i copy this file as with all the other long keys by just dragging into the AX NF ZZ folder, the licence manager recognises the token there, but says it corrupted HOW and why.

PS if i use ekbackup and install from there token works ok and is VALID


For some reason i dont know why but you had to copy the licence which was installed from EKBBackup and then back to your storage device for the key to work in future.

Workin ok now..



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