Siemens S7-300 PLCs and a BACnet Network protocol

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Siemens S7-300 PLCs and a BACnet Network protocol

Post by VATEK » Thu Sep 26, 2019 2:18 pm

Good morning,

a client has requested me a communication between 4 Siemens :?: S7-300 PLCs and a BACnet Network, and there is very little (almost null) information from the CP 343-1 BacNet .

The CP 343-1BACnet (CP 343-1 BACnet 6FL4343-1CX10-0XE0) is a communications processor used to connect the SIMATIC S7-300 to Industrial Ethernet; In addition, with the help of the BACnet protocol, it also allows systems to be integrated that are compatible with that protocol.

As information I can say the following, BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks) is a
communication protocol for building automation and regulation data networks developed by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers Inc.).

This protocol is suitable for both the management and automation levels and is recognized as an ANSI, CEN and ISO standard.

The gateways allow communication between two networks that use different communication protocols, therefore the task would be to create a communication between an S7-300 PLC and a BACnet gateway (Scada) through the PROFINET interface of the CPU. The objective to investigate is which gateway is suitable for this and how the configuration is made between the S7-300 PLC and the gateway. For example, if the Data Exchange is cyclic or acyclic.

Someone has worked with this protocol and can send the information and an example of how to make the communication.

Thank you

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Re: Siemens S7-300 PLCs and a BACnet Network protocol

Post by xflash » Tue Oct 08, 2019 1:11 pm

I happen to see this ... /109476182

BACnet need a gateway as PROFINET, maybe you could do it yourself by open user communication (it will be difficult ).

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