Schneider PLC- LMC058 - connect to database - OPC Server

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amr kassem
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Schneider PLC- LMC058 - connect to database - OPC Server

Post by amr kassem » Tue Aug 06, 2019 4:19 pm


Currently, I have Schneider PLC- LMC058 - LMC058LF42 which support Ethernet communication.

I want to collect data from this PLC to Database "MySQL".

In order to do this I have below options:

** I can use Kepware OPC to gather data, However, there are 2 issues am facing.
________[*] this PLC appears to be Telemecanique PLC instead of Schneider .. which is what I don't understand.
________[**] Kepware OPC doesn't support Schneider nor Telemecanique PLC ... that's what I found but not sure of it.

** I found Somachine SQL gateway which dumbs data to MySQL, however:
________[*] I can't find enough resources on how to use it.
________[**] It's asking for License, Is there a way to crack or bypass it?
________[***] Has anyone used Somachine SQL gateway to directly connect Schneider PLC to MySQL database.

My preference is using OPC server as it's the easier way, Hope I can find support on any of these 2 directions!


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