[Link]: Eplan 21 without crack

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[Link]: Eplan 21 without crack

Post by Guest » Sun May 21, 2006 2:06 pm

Anybody know the link for eplan 21 and crack?

Thanks! :roll:


Post by Guest » Mon May 22, 2006 6:55 pm

Maybe nobody knows

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Post by Apolloboy » Mon May 22, 2006 10:15 pm

What is eplan 21?
I know Eplan v5.40 SP1 and I thought the latest version is Eplan v5.70 but eplan 21? Never heard of it ...


Post by Andrey » Tue May 23, 2006 7:20 am

Eplan v5.70 - for Lamer
Eplan v21 - for profi


Post by Guest » Tue May 23, 2006 8:25 pm

Where is the link for eplan?


EPLAN 5 vs. 21

Post by Akos » Wed May 24, 2006 5:17 am


This is simply not true - I use EPLAN 5.70 and have talked a lot to others using and selling 21.

Main differencesare:
EPLAN 5: older DOS roots, less automatic functions while drawing, capable of makeing 10.000 pages long drawings, rock stable

EPLAN 21: new windows roots, more automatic functions while drawing, not capable of makeing very big plans because of the online checks

EPLAN also knows that both has advantages and disadvantages. They started to develop EPLAN 21 but because of it's backdraws they didn't stop EPLAN 5. Instead they started to make a new one which will be the successor of both.
This will be EPLAN Electric P8. This is already announced on their we site.
This new will be able to use the projects of both 5.70 and 21.

I'm really looking forward using it :D

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Post by weijah » Thu May 25, 2006 6:21 am

Hi everybody ,

we are using eplan 21.It cost a lot ( 15000 Euro) but it is very very good.
If you are using eplan and also some programming software like simatic step 7 you will have many good function for easy working.
In july or august they will release eplan p8.It is a combination from eplan 21 and eplan 5.x.So everybody can work with one eplan version.

I dont think that someone can crack it .Eplan 21 comes with a dongle.


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Post by Blade_007 » Thu May 25, 2006 8:42 am

Can anybody share ePlan 21? I try to write crack.


Post by BB » Fri May 26, 2006 1:16 pm

Eplan21 fro somebody to try crack...

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Post by wzm » Wed May 31, 2006 3:17 am

Where is the eplan21'crack?

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Post by takis65 » Thu Jun 29, 2006 8:44 pm

have anybody ePlan 21 crack ?

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Post by most » Sat Feb 24, 2007 1:23 am

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