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control drive

Post by cavayiro » Fri Aug 05, 2016 11:21 pm

Hello everyone,
let's explain my subject step by step :
1)The drive control one motor
2) this motor aspirate garbages from all machines
3) the responsible make decision to increment/decrement freqency in Altivar61 by knowing the numbers of machines that work (manually operation every 2/3 hours).
here we will lost a lot of energy, so, my best solution until now is to put a pressure sensor for every machine (and fix it value) and we caculate the total pressure of all machines (work ones) and connect this pressure to PLC (Allen-Bradley), so the PLC control the Altivar61 (via inputs).
the problem is that I want create a project in RSLogix 5000 but i didn't know how can I add an Altivar61 ? and how to connect it to PLC ? and for supervision, i will want use FactoryTalk view (so the responsible can check the process if it work correctly or not from his desk) , but the altivar61 communicate via ethernet/IP , how to make a relation between factorytalk and ethenet/Ip or it exists before ?! or can i use another type of communication for this drive ?
So, if somone have another solution for this problem, or response to my questions I will appreciate it.
Thank you all

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Re: control drive

Post by georg_demmler » Sun Aug 07, 2016 6:42 am


I'm always surprised about this questions. First you need a Ethernet/IP card for the Altivar and you need a Ethernet/IP-Card in your RSLogix-Hardware. And here you find an Link for your problem: ... 822_03.pdf.

Or you use the input and output signals from the Altivar to start / stop / change the speed.

Best regards

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