[LINK]: WinCC Flexible 2008 + SP3 + SP5 for Windows 7/10

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[LINK]: WinCC Flexible 2008 + SP3 + SP5 for Windows 7/10

Post by Link » Thu Aug 21, 2008 10:37 am

WinCC Flexible 2008 Multilanguage (with ASIA/China)
Released for Delivery

http://support.automation.siemens.com/W ... n/29735640

What's New (English)
https://support.automation.siemens.com/ ... ewenUS.pdf

Die neuen Funktionalitäten von WinCC flexible 2008 (Deutsch)
https://support.automation.siemens.com/ ... ewdeDE.pdf

increased to 4096 Powertags
New RT license: SISLA9XRP40103.EKB "WinCC flexible 2008 Runtime (4096)"
EKB_Install_2008_08_20 wrote:add only new Flex2008 keys to EKB_Install_2008_08_20
for options need use old keys
● Raised system limit to support 4096 tags on MP 377

Supported OS:
Microsoft Windows XP SP3/SP2
Microsoft Windows Vista Business (32 Bit), Ultimate (32 Bit) - NOT SP1 !

WinCC Flexible 2008
DVD ISO image (see how unpack viewtopic.php?t=6036)

12*204.800.000 + 126223 KB
[dead] rapidshare.com [dead] (boom) (h)
------- If you have problems --------------------------------
one user wrote:CRC error in the file encrypted WinCCflex2008.iso
I self have downloaded, unpacked and installed this Flex without problems

You can try to download one part from Mirror

Check size of all parts (204.800.000)
and CRC (by Toptal Commander)

Code: Select all

; Generated by WIN-SFV32 v1.0
; (Compatible: Total Commander 7.04)
WinCCflex2008.part11.rar D688CE9B
WinCCflex2008.part10.rar A4BBFF31
WinCCflex2008.part12.rar E6C4CC87
WinCCflex2008.part09.rar 26CABB5B
WinCCflex2008.part13.rar 6E4A577A
WinCCflex2008.part05.rar 2434C199
WinCCflex2008.part08.rar ED043A32
WinCCflex2008.part02.rar BE155780
WinCCflex2008.part04.rar D0B44BD0
WinCCflex2008.part01.rar BC3B6F85
WinCCflex2008.part07.rar 53A94639
WinCCflex2008.part06.rar 2135648C
WinCCflex2008.part03.rar 2429D3F2

Cumulative THANKS for uploader and Siemens Flex group
No need add new "Thanks Again"

Demo projects for SIMATIC Panels
http://support.automation.siemens.com/W ... n/22900091

WinCC flexible 2008 SP4 China for Smart Line 1000 and 700
viewtopic.php?f=36&t=18050&p=54152&hili ... ina#p54152
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