Eplan electric P8, Propanel Problem . HELP

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Eplan electric P8, Propanel Problem . HELP

Post by ossesion » Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:45 pm

I tried to "play" with Propanel (3d panel design) in Eplan with :
processor Ryzen 1700x
16 gb 3200MHZ memory
video adapter GTX 1080 TI.
In project when I add about 100 phoenix contact terminals to panel, my FPS dropped to 13. When I add another 100 terminals, FPS dropped to 7... WTF? I checked video adapter resources and it shown me max 20% of usage. The same picture with processor.
Ok, I thought its a problem with video card and I need to use quadro , instead of gtx. I tried Epaln with the same project on Quadro P2000. I have seen the same picture.... video adapter usage was 40% but FPS was the same....
p.s. I have installed all drivers for video adapter. Windows 10 PRO.
p.p.s. In my laptop I have better fps,(~1-2 more) when in the PC. Laptop quadro K2100M, I7 -4800Q....
Any thoughts...?

Короче есть у кого какие мысли, почему тормозит 3д Propanel? Топовое железо, а все равно ужасно тормозит с 3д моделями. В чем загвостка может быть?

Проц Ryzen 1700x
16 gb 3200MHZ память
видео карта GTX 1080 TI + тестил еще с quadro P2000, картина с FPS таже...

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Re: Eplan electric P8, Propanel Problem . HELP

Post by lin2m3 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:30 am

Unfortunately, Propanel doesn't use Cuda. Its rendering engine, I think, uses Open GL. From my experience it matter the level of components in 3D. More components on the 3D space slower it will be to play around.Try to hide elements and see how it moves. The last version of Propanel should be improved

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