Sanprof Modbus Slave Simulator

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Sanprof Modbus Slave Simulator

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Sanprof Modbus Slave Simulator - is a powerful tool to simulate PLC slave device. Start testing and programming of your PLC master device now, before you will have a real PLC slave device.

Some of the main features of Sanprof Modbus Slave Simulator
  • Supports functions are 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 15, 16.
  • Saving the state of the registers modbus memory to a file and load them back.
  • Select cells registers with different colors.
  • View of multiple registers modbus memory in the form of value types such as INT, WORD, DINT, DWORD, FLOAT, DOUBLE, the values of these registers can be viewed as a Decimal, HEX and Binary, it concerns the modbus registers memory "Holding Registers" and "Input Registers ".
  • There is a possibility of working with 255 devices.
  • Detailed interpretation of the incoming / outgoing packets.
  • The range of each of the four modbus memory located within 1-65535.
Why should you use this software?

We work in the field of programming of PLC of devices a long time. After the use of many software products, it was decided to create the own product for testing and debugging of PLC of devices. This decision was accepted on the basis that none of the third-party software products did not satisfy of all our requirements for the acceleration of work. One of them had the limited functional, other had an uncomfortable interface, and also many of them need necessary restart because of the errors of arising up during execution. We took into account all lacks of the third-party software products and all wishes of our programmers and adjusters of PLC devices and collected it in our software product "Sanprof Modbus Slave Simulator".

And most importantly is that with our software you can save a lot of time testing and debugging your master devices, and as a result you save your money. And our software pays for funds invested in it.

Go to for more detailed information.

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