[?]: Problem on installation of Softlogix V19
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Author:  zjjunior [ Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:24 am ]
Post subject:  [?]: Problem on installation of Softlogix V19

Guys, I've a problem with the installation of Softlogix v19.
When I try to install, the installer give me a severe error, that says I must have RSLinx Version 2.56 or above, and after that the installation is aborted.
I've installed RSLinx Version 2.57 and I've already tried version 2.58 and 2.56 and the error stays present. I've downloaded softlogix from here: viewtopic.php?f=41&t=15703&hilit=softlogix+v19
Does someone know anything about this error?
Thanks in advance for generosity!


Author:  Kirillij [ Wed Aug 08, 2012 12:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [?]: Problem on installation of Softlogix V19

Good afternoon.
Perhaps the problem is that this LITE version (on screenshot)of the RSLinx? possible that the installation (activation) is a PRO version will help.
It is also recommend:
1789-SG001F-EN-P Selection Guide:
1789-UM002F-EN-P User Manual:

Author:  zjjunior [ Wed Aug 15, 2012 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [?]: Problem on installation of Softlogix V19

Thanks for the answer Kirilli, I've read this files above and I tried again with the lastest RSLinx (V2.59) installed in gateway mode, with according the manual should work, but it doesn't happen. Maybe the first installation of RSLinx on my PC is still in registry, so the softlogix can't recognize that I'm with the new version. But I'm not sure about this information.
Again, the screenshoot of the error...

Author:  Kirillij [ Thu Aug 16, 2012 12:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [?]: Problem on installation of Softlogix V19

Yes, RSLinx can not correctly install on top of an earlier version. Try to remove it. And reinstall. Certainly a system reboot.
As an alternativeinstall on a clean computer (where there was this company Software) - If the launched, then your software is good, but the problem in the computer.
Another option: Check the drop-down box, if there are any records of the other revision of the RSLinx? Maybe this is the way?
Good Luck.

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