Transfer the HMI program Siemens confort

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Transfer the HMI program Siemens confort

Post by othmane_31 » Mon Feb 03, 2020 8:07 am

Hi every body,

I have a new HMI TP1500 comfort of siemens to replace with the old TP1500 "there is a crack in the screen".
I don't have the original backup of the application, I only have the backup .bref I made from the screen with the USB key, the problem that the transfer to the new one failed to cause compatibility because that the references aren’t the same.
Can you orient me knowing that I have the IP address and I have the Tialportal.

I also wanted to know how the comfort type siemens screens work?
Whit each type of software is used,
Is it possible to upload from HMI and transfer to another HMI by Ethernet cable.

Thank's in advance

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