PLC Program of Star-Delta Starter for AC Moto

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PLC Program of Star-Delta Starter for AC Moto

Post by IBMAcer » Tue Mar 08, 2011 10:00 am

Star-Delta starter is used in many cases for starting up the AC/Induction Motor where VFD is not installed to run the Motor. Star-Delta Starter is preferred over the DOL starter because the former controls the starting current of AC/Induction Motor and thus allowing the smooth starting and stopping of the AC/Induction Motor.

PLC Program of Star-Delta Starter for AC Motor - Free PLC Programming

Here in this PLC programming tutorial we will see only the PLC Programming required to make a Star-Delta Logic. First of all let us understand the Logic of Star-Delta Starter , In this whenever we push the Start Push Button then our Motor should start in STAR and after 3-7 seconds it should change to DELTA. So we need 3 numbers of contractors , 2 push button to make the hardware connections . 1 contractor for MAIN , 1 contractor for STAR , 1 contractor for DELTA and 1 NO type push button for START and 1 NC type push button for STOP.
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LOGIC of STAR-Delta Starter for AC/Induction Motor :-

The Main contractor will be ON once we push the START button and STAR contractor will also be on up till 3-7 seconds (according to time we will set in TIMER) after pushing start push button and after that MAIN and DELTA contractor will be ON . When we push the STOP button then the MAIN & DELTA contractor will also be OFF.
0.0 --------------------------------------->>START PUSH BUTTON (NO)
0.1 --------------------------------------->>STOP PUSH BUTTON (NC)

100.0-------------------------------------->> MAIN CONTRACTOR
100.1-------------------------------------->> STAR CONTRACTOR
100.2-------------------------------------->> DELTA CONTRACTOR

Here we have made the PLC Program using CX-Programmer but the logic is same and by studying understanding the PLC program you can implement it in any PLC. You candownload the PLC program from below.
We have also attached the PDF file for those who dont have the CX-Programmersoftware.

Download the PLC Program for Star Delta Starter. ... m.rar.html

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Re: PLC Program of Star-Delta Starter for AC Moto

Post by kresekjoy » Thu May 24, 2012 2:11 am

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Re: PLC Program of Star-Delta Starter for AC Moto

Post by peterc101 » Fri May 25, 2012 5:44 pm

you have forgotten to put a timer between de-energising star-contactor and energising the delta-contactor
without it you can have a shortcircuit if delta goes on quicker than the star goes off


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