How view trend pid (pv & sp & LMN) in one windows

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How view trend pid (pv & sp & LMN) in one windows

Post by rayen_6827 » Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:05 am

in default faceplate pid control in pcs7 no view items((pv & sp & LMN) archive in one windows trend(large size) only view in Small screen

I've made changes on faceplate but When I open the faceplate PID IN WINCC
I Only can see "one"the trend(PV) archive in the window.
When I selected "save&open trend in faceplate, I only show one item on the page.

**you can see the picture 1 below and help me

You see the trends in the picture 2 that I want to be like.

I manually added two more Trends(SP&LMN)
But I want them to be created automatically

I do not want to use APL blocks ... sp=sharing

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