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about interbus

Post by liujlshk » Sat Jun 08, 2019 8:49 am

We have a system controlled by TwinCATwith interbus pci cards (The TwinCAT programe is protected by OEM software lock). The daignoses are generated by phoenix S7-400 MODULE(Flash Card storage Config) and TwinCAT's lib (OEM use both of them).

Normally , if the ibs encoder is no longer produced(phased out),and the new band is Different id. we need buy new encoder and call OEM to modify the CMD G4 FILE and The TWINCAT config.

The phoenix-contact told me , if i upload the network config via CMD ,there will be some errors ,need to modify again(in most instances) .Does anyone have experiences on this?

The real matter is we must wait for OEM to un-lock the protection of the TwinCAT. And OEM want us to replace all the encoders. That will really cost a lot.

So except the normal way , is there any other solution to use the new encoder with different id code?

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