[?]: Problems Scalance W784-1 AND SCALANCE W744-1PRO
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Author:  Flavio Sabara [ Mon Dec 09, 2013 8:05 pm ]
Post subject:  [?]: Problems Scalance W784-1 AND SCALANCE W744-1PRO

1 - Communication problems between the SCALANCE W784-1 and SCALANCE W744-1PRO.
2 - We have a point to point application in our unit in which communication between the radios are not efficient connections have been checking positions of the antennas and various other configurations of antenna placement.
The distance from one radio to another varies from 10 m 600 m. As the attached 10m have this signal condition. It is very strange because the signal is not varying even with increasing distance or approach it.
Ask if there is any limitation as hardware attached? What would be a solution so we can have a better performance of these radios?

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