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PID of temperature controller to control inverter

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:58 pm
by daiphongsk
Hi everyone.
I have a problem about PID of temperature controller.
In my factory, the kiln have an inverter (Fuji Eco 22kw) to control fan, RTD sensor and a temperature controller TZ4M's Autonics. This controller has a function output current 4mA-20mA.
I want to use this controller control the inverter. I set parameter of inverter using input analog, current 4mA-20mA fit 0 - 45 Hz.
I use the Auto tuning function of the controller (PID) to keep temperature stable.
Example: the set value (SV) is 900 oC, the process value (PV) is 25 oC then the output current of controller is 20mA to control the inverter increase frequency and increase temperature.
and when the PV > SV then the controller decrease current to control the inverter decrease frequency and keep temperature stable with the set value.
I attached manual file of TZ4M controller. and you can help me set parameter of controller.
Thanks a lots.