Trouble to connect to TBOX TG2-500 through lan

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Trouble to connect to TBOX TG2-500 through lan

Post by duca96 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:27 pm

i have some trouble during attempt to connect via ethernet to my TBOX TG2-500.
If I connect through the usb using his address there is no problem the webpage appear if I surf to
The tg2 setting is : ip subnet-mask gateway
The other network setting on the TBOX are the setting of default .
I tried with advanced ip scanner on the ip , in fact it show me that exist a host with this ip and with Mac address equal of the TBOX.
The TBOX is connected to a router through a ethernet wire and there is another ethernet wire between router and my pc.
If I go with my browser to it show me a error message.
How can I fix this ? There is a standard sequence of steps to be performed to be able to connect with my pc to tbox through a router ?
There is some setting that I have to change on my computer ?


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