PLC Training / Tutorial for Allen-Bradley
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Author:  CoMod [ Sat Apr 18, 2009 1:52 pm ]
Post subject:  PLC Training / Tutorial for Allen-Bradley

PLC Training / Tutorial for Allen-Bradley

PLC Training / Tutorial for Allen-Bradley (Video 1 of 11)

2 - Basic Inputs and Outputs (AB PLC Training)

3 - Introducing the PLC Processor (AB PLC Training)

4 - Fundamentals of the Scan Sequence (AB PLC Training)

5 - Understanding Bits and Instructions (AB PLC Training)

6 - Basic Instruction XIC (AB PLC Training)

7 - Basic Instruction OTE (AB PLC Training)

8 - Basic Instruction XIO (AB PLC Training)

9 - Solution: Step-by-Step Analysis (AB PLC Training)

10 - Which Rung Wins? (AB PLC Training)

11 - Retentive Instructions OTL and OTU (AB PLC...

Watch a sample of the proven techniques that distinguish Ron Beaufort's PLC Training ( ) from most courses.
Find the rest of the series here:
Learn to be an effective troubleshooter and not just filled with trivial knowledge about PLCs. By teaching you to think the same way the PLC does, you get a much more thorough understanding of why the PLC does what it does in even the abnormal situations.

There are 11 videos in this series covering the topics in a lot of detail. These subjects are typically covered in the first few hours of the 40 hour long PLC Boot Camp class. The Boot Camp class is very agressive and covers in one week what takes multiple classes to cover from other training facilities. The class room teaching is done with challenging hands-on exercises that ensure you retain what you learn.

These videos focus on the PLC-5, SLC-500, and Micrologix series. There are also PLC Boot Camp classes for the ControlLogix platform.

See this channel for the rest of this series:

Visit : for more lessons online

Author:  tufail_74 [ Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:10 pm ]
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wonderful work. thanks for that.

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