Electrical Safety Handbook 3E

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Electrical Safety Handbook 3E

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Author(s): John Cadick
Date: 2005-09-28 Format: pdf Language: English ISBN10: 0071457720
Pages: 560 OCR: Quality: ISBN13: 9780071457729
This Handbook is a must-have, accident-avoiding prescription for personnel working on or near electrical circuits at any voltage level. Electricians, electrical system designers, inspectors, and engineers will find crucial protective safety strategies in industrial and commercial systems. You get detailed guidelines for setting up effective safety programs…medical emergency procedures…and examples and case studies throughout. This new second edition covers the latest OSHA, NEC NESC, NFPA regulations.

Prevent electrical accidents Each year hundreds of people are killed or injured by electrical energy. Many, if not most, of these accidents could be prevented by the use of appropriate electrical safety techniques and equipment. You’ll also find increased coverage of safety procedures expanded material on safety audits and more guidance on establishing in-house training programs.

Chapter 1. Hazards of Electricity
Chapter 2. Electrical Safety Equipment
Chapter 3. Safety Procedures and Methods
Chapter 4. Grounding of Electrical Systems and Equipment
Chapter 5. Electrical Maintenance and Its Relationship to Safety
Chapter 6. Regulatory and Legal Safety Requirements and Standards
Chapter 7. Accident Prevention, Accident Investigation, Rescue, and First Aid
Chapter 8. Medical Aspects of Electrical Trauma
Chapter 9. Low-Voltage Safety Synopsis
Chapter 10. Medium- and High-Voltage Safety Synopsis
Chapter 11. Human Factors in Electrical Safety
Chapter 12. Safety Management and Organizational Structure
Chapter 13. Safety Training Methods and Systems
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Re: Electrical Safety Handbook 3E

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Please reupload, link above is died

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