Hands-On Electronics: A Practical Introduction to Analog

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Hands-On Electronics: A Practical Introduction to Analog

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Author(s): Daniel M. Kaplan
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Date: 2003-06-23 Format: pdf Language: English ISBN10: 0521815363
Pages: 226 OCR: Quality: ISBN13: 9780521815369
Product Description: Packed full of real circuits to build and test, Hands-on Electronics is an unique introduction to analog and digital electronics theory and practice. Ideal for teaching and self-study, the book's friendly style, clear illustrations and construction details encourage rapid and effective learning of analog and digital circuit design theory. All the major topics are covered including RC circuits, diodes, transistors, op-amps, oscillators, TTL logic, counters, D/A converters and more. It explains how to use the equipment needed for the examples (oscilloscope, multimeter and breadboard) together with pin-out diagrams and manufacturers' specifications for all the key components referred to in the book.
http://letitbit.net/download/89990.811 ... B.zip.html

Author(s): David Alciatore
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
Date: 2011-03-01 Format: pdf Language: English ISBN10: 0073380237
Pages: 576 OCR: Quality: ISBN13: 9780073380230
Product Description:

INTRODUCTION TO MECHATRONICS AND MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS provides comprehensive and accessible coverage of the evolving field of mechatronics for mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineering majors. The author presents a concise review of electrical circuits, solid-state devices, digital circuits, and motors- all of which are fundamental to understanding mechatronic systems.
http://letitbit.net/download/32317.370 ... B.pdf.html

Author(s): Jimmie J. Cathey
Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill
Date: 1983 Format: pdf Language: English ISBN10: 0070102341
Pages: 304 OCR: Quality: ISBN13: 9780070102347
Product Description: This book covers the basic areas of study in the basic, core electrical engineering course. Solved examples and problems enhance the reader's comprehension of the material. It serves as a self-study review for professional engineering exams.
http://letitbit.net/download/26741.2a80 ... B.pdf.html

Author(s): Randall Shaffer
Publisher: Charles River Media
Date: 2006-08-11 Format: pdf Language: English ISBN10: 1584508523
Pages: 600 OCR: Quality: ISBN13: 9781584508526
Product Description: Most power electronics textbooks use PSpice for the simulation of circuits, even though MATLAB is a much easier and user-friendly tool. A"Fundamentals of Power Electronics Using MATLABA" teaches students and engineers how to use MATLAB as a simulation and computational tool for power electronics. Designed as a hands-on reference, the scope of the material in the text is not as broad as other reference-style texts, thus making the material less intimidating and more attainable. Each portion of the text starts with an example based on the section material, followed by a detailed solution. A conclusion is then drawn to emphasize the "point" of the problem and finally an exercise similar to the example is presented to challenge the reader. This format provides an immediate illustration of how to use the material and an opportunity for students to apply the material on their own. Engineers and students do not need to be proficient in MATLAB to work along with the text because a toolbox is provided on the companion CD-ROM that allows them to use MATLAB and obtain results immediately. The toolbox provides functions to perform power computations, waveform analysis, and power converter circuit design and simulations.

http://letitbit.net/download/52420.527b ... B.pdf.html

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