LabVIEW Digital Signal Processing

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LabVIEW Digital Signal Processing

Post by IBMAcer » Sun Jul 10, 2011 3:09 pm

Full Labview
Author(s): Cory Clark
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; 1 edition
Date: 2005 Format: PDF Language: English ISBN10: 0071444920
Pages: 205 OCR: Yes Quality: ISBN13:
LabVIEW Digital Signal Processing teaches engineers how to use the graphical programming language to create virtual instruments to handle to most sophisticated DSP applications. From basic filters to complex sampling mechanisms to signal generators, LabVIEW virtual instruments (VIs) can make DSP work faster and much less expensive - a particular boon to the many engineers working on cutting edge communications systems.

Take full advantage of all the digital signal processing capabilities LabVIEW has to offer with help from this hands-on tutorial. Readers will learn, step-by-step, how to use this revolutionary graphical development environment to build flexible and scalable digital signal acquisition, measurement analysis, and data presentation applications. From basic filters to complex sampling mechanisms to signal generators, LabVIEW virtual instruments (VIs) enable rapid and inexpensive digital signal processing. Ideal for engineers working on cutting-edge communication systems, this detailed learning guide offers solutions for creating applications that interface with real-world signals, analyzing data for meaningful information, and sharing results.

Comprehensive coverage includes:
LabVIEW Fourier tools Designing with built-in filtering routines
Optimizing and improving speed IQ modulation
Time and frequency synchronization
Evaluating system performance

* Getting started
* Digital signal processing and LabVIEW: How do they fit together?
* Signal acquisition
* Building blocks
* Spectral analysis
* Designing and using digital filters
* Multirate processing
* Building a communication system
* Generating signals
* Demodulation



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Re: LabVIEW Digital Signal Processing

Post by CoMod » Sun Jul 10, 2011 4:00 pm

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Re: LabVIEW Digital Signal Processing

Post by IBMAcer » Tue Jul 12, 2011 4:05 pm

Author(s): Jeffrey Travis, Jim Kring
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR; 3 edition
Date: 2006 Format: CHM Language: English ISBN10: 0131856723
Pages: 1032 OCR: Yes Quality: ISBN13:
From the Back Cover

The #1 Step-by-Step Guide to LabVIEW-Now Completely Updated for LabVIEW 8!

Master LabVIEW 8 with the industry's friendliest, most intuitive tutorial: LabVIEW for Everyone, Third Edition. Top LabVIEW experts Jeffrey Travis and Jim Kring teach LabVIEW the easy way: through carefully explained, step-by-step examples that give you reusable code for your own projects!

This brand-new Third Edition has been fully revamped and expanded to reflect new features and techniques introduced in LabVIEW 8. You'll find two new chapters, plus dozens of new topics, including Project Explorer, AutoTool, XML, event-driven programming, error handling, regular expressions, polymorphic VIs, timed structures, advanced reporting, and much more. Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) candidates will find callouts linking to key objectives on NI's newest exam, making this book a more valuable study tool than ever.

* Not just what to do: why to do it!
* Use LabVIEW to build your own virtual workbench
* Master LabVIEW's foundations: wiring, creating, editing, and debugging VIs; using controls and indicators; working with data structures; and much more
* Learn the "art" and best practices of effective LabVIEW development
* NEW: Streamline development with LabVIEW Express VIs
* NEW: Acquire data with NI-DAQmx and the LabVIEW DAQmx VIs
* NEW: Discover design patterns for error handling, control structures, state machines, queued messaging, and more
* NEW: Create sophisticated user interfaces with tree and tab controls, drag and drop, subpanels, and more

Whatever your application, whatever your role, whether you've used LabVIEW or not, LabVIEW for Everyone, Third Edition is the fastest, easiest way to get the results you're after!
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