Downloading via rapidshare......

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Downloading via rapidshare......

Post by alansal » Tue Dec 18, 2007 12:13 pm

There are unlimited number of excellent programme shares on this site... Thanks to everyone for their kind behavior and mentality...

On the other hand,i have to use rapidshare to download more than %90 of the programmes.. And unfortunately i do not own a premium membership or sth like that....

All i do have as internet is the one i am using while at work or internet cafe's... So i have to wait for 2 hrs. to download each part of 40 parted programmes....

Can anyone please tell/explain me how to easily download them if possible...... A programme to download sometimes takes more than a week for me to download... While almost everyone shares some progmmes each day.. :(

Thanks in advance....

If no other way is absent i will try to download part by part waiting hrs. (i also unfortunately have static ip,and not controlling the modem.. :( )

Best regards

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Post by CoMod » Tue Dec 18, 2007 1:21 pm

If you really need these programs and don't wait - you can buy account for 1 month =7 Euro, or you can find friends with these programs in your city.
Türkiye'nin Resmi Premium Account Satış Sitesine hoşgeldiniz

for other
Если вам действительно нужны эти программы и вы не хотите ждать, то вы можете купить себе Премиум на месяц за 300 рублей
или попробуйте найти друзей в своём регионе
или выкладывайте своё на колекторную зону и копите премиальные очки

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Post by indian » Sat Jan 05, 2008 5:26 pm

Here is an another way - subscribe File-by-email service. They have premium accounts on Rapidshare too. This is prepaid service but you pay only for weight of downloaded files if they exceed 10 Mb. No deadtime of p ayment.

How it work (after installation and configuration done):
1 - in your IE engine based brouther, you rigth click on a link
2 - from pull-down menu choose "obtain on email"
3 - booked file, part by part come in your email client programm
(if you use Outlook, I wrote a macro for assembling parts of file together and locate them in predefined place)

in russian:
Есть ещё один способ - подписаться на сервис File-by-email. У них есть премиум доступ к Rapidshare. Это предоплачиваемый сервис, однако вы платите только за заказанные файлы и то если их размер превышает 10 Мб. Нет времени "угасания" платежа.

Как это работает (после установки и конфигурирования):
1 - правый клик в IE engine based браузере по ссылке
2 - вылазит контекстное меню - выбираем "получить по email"
3 - заказанный файл, разбитый на части, часть за частью приходит в вашу почтовую программу
(если вы используете Outlook, то я написал макрос который собирает части файла воедино и кладёт куда укажите заранее)
this service is russian-spiking, but if it is interesting for members of this forum I'll try to help

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