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Rules (English)

Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2007 11:12 am
by CoMod
How to change language to English

Russian Rules Правила на Русском
Board Rules
Ignorance or rejection of the rules does not release from responsibility for their breach. Punishment measures are marked in red.

We do not demand to use your presents a name and a surname.
We do not demand to be registered from the address of mail of your firm but do not use 10minute mail - is PROHIBITED.
If you have not specified the name of your country the Admin can independently define your country (with a view of protection against a spam).
If you do not wish to specify your country write the name of region: the Europe (West/East), Asia, America, ...

1. It is allowed to use in username only English and Russian letters, as well as numerals.
a. to register with meaningless nicks such as qwertyuiop, nicks consisting only of numerals 999.
All such accounts will be deleted without warning
b. to use for nicks obscene words, site addresses, e-mail addresses and words with negative sense (Inferno, Bad..., Dead.., Maniac...,problem…).
To use trade marks and names of programs branch PLC&SPS, Simatic, engineer...
To use short name (Name must be more >3 chars).
Such accounts will also be deleted without warning, when using the obscene words in nicks, given accounts are banned by all parameters
c. nick capture (registration of accounts with determined nicks for the reason of hampering their use by other users).
d. registration of similar (visually similar) nicks as the existing.
e. registration of nicks such as Admin, Moder, and so on.
Such accounts will be deleted without warning, and under repeated registration with such nicks, you will be completely deprived of access on forum.
It is your right to use your real name as nick.
In disputable cases - the Administration takes final judgment on admissibility of non-standard nicks and appeals are not taken. Violators will be revealed and blocked.
If you lost, forgot your password, please use the password recovery function. Otherwise, in case of repeated registration, all your accounts will be removed, regardless of number of your messages on forum
3. Your must give a valid e-mail address where you will receive the letter with instruction on activation of your account.
We do not demand to be registered from the address of mail of your firm. but do not use 10minute mail - is PROHIBITED
Until you have not actuated your registration, you will not be able to use all function of the forum in full. If you want to keep privacy, you can forbid the publication of your address. Administration of the forum guarantees confidentiality of all your data.
We blocked parts of spam e-mail address servers *.info
4. Deletion of users
a. The spam users will be automatically deleted from forum.
b. Users what prohibited nick will be automatically removed from forum.

1. This Board is a moderated one, Administration supervises the discussion and breaks in the course if required. Basic of moderation is formal control of observance of these Rules, however moderator's actions can go beyond - his main task is to provide effective discussion for all users governing by his common sense and experience.
2. If you do not agree with moderator actions, with his reaction on breaches of the rules, with the understanding the problems of the forum etc. and did not gain understanding with him through PM, chat or other way (see. III.7), you may report to Admin, or abandon forum.

1. Before beginning debates, (creating new threads or answering to existing), run through Board pages to get better acquaintance with participants, Board themes, existing threads and reviews and with "unwritten" rules and traditions of the Board
2. Before making a post, use the Search button Image and get acquainted with study depth of your problem. (The Board is already several years old and possibly your problem has been already solved, or, on the contrary is unsolvable at the moment (or in general)
See Topic LINKS viewtopic.php?t=2 before request
or Extended Google

3. When asking questions, state your problem in detail, including main parameters of the installed programs, characteristics of your computer, what OS and other software you use.
4. Formulate the title of your post so that it reflects the sense of the post, not your emotions. Avoid titles like "Rescue", "Help", "Needs the help!", "Question", "Help Me". Such posts and threads will be modified without a notice. The name of the referred program should correspond to the official.
5. Do not deviate from the theme set by the author (the author of the first post).
6. Quote your opponent in brief or even don't quote, if your post goes next. Multiple repeats, especially at the same page are just excessive and litter the Board
7. Do not place publication of negative response about products and programs without grounded facts or information sources, on which such opinion is founded.
8. Do not duplicate or multiple posts of alike messages in different forums (spam); posts, consisting only of smiles or reflecting only emotions, or any other flood and flame. These messages will be deleted without a notice.
9. Personal messages, private discussions, which are useless to other participants, better redirect to Personal Messages (PM), chat or e-mail.
10. Place images in optimized (by 32 colors and picture size) GIF for screenshot or JPG for photos in and show direct link (for example with IMG tags)

Code: Select all

See viewtopic.php?t=5645
11. Place files in international,, ... See viewtopic.php?t=84
and small size files - See viewtopic.php?t=49
The Topic LINKS viewtopic.php?t=2 is only for place links. Place your request in main folder. Any request in this topic will be deleted or removed.
12. See Prefix recomendation for message title viewtopic.php?t=4513
Prefix recomendation
I suggest to use following prefixes for headings of messages.

------ Request to Link - ----------
Request: Key for Step7 v** (Request to upload programs, keys ...)

-------- Question / Problem --------
Problem: .... (Your problem ....)
[?]: How I ... ?

[? Rus]: Как сделать ... ? (Message is only in Russian)
The message only in Russian. Excuse... If a question or the message important we it shall translate into English language

If we have a decision the prefix of heading will be changed to a new prefix Link/eLink/Decision/Schemes
[LINK]: Download Step7 v**
[eLINK]: Download Step7 v** (Only for eMule link)
[Link to keys]: WinCC keys
[Schemes]: RS232 - TTY
Such accounts will be deleted without warning if:
1. Disrespect to interlocutor, slander, insults, simple and unprintable swearing, personal threats, assaults on national, race, religious or political grounds – no difference about Admins or Users.
2. Publication of advertisements (including hidden), advertisements of own sites or forum, offer of the pay services or publications of any other advertisements and commercial announcements.
3. Links to P0RN0 resources.
4. Dissemination of false information, viruses, malicious programs, trojans
5. Use in signature and avatars images of big size, as well as use in signature of phrases, containing unprintable or offensive words.

Administration reserves the right to correct your messages (text, links and images) without notice.

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 1:01 pm
by CoMod
PLC Maniac wrote:O-O-PS. I can't change field "name" in Profiles. Can U assist to me?
PLC&SPS wrote:This is my new name. Is it OK?
You occupied the whole branch PLC&SPS.
It's not good.
It is recommended to use Name with addition of city or country.
Raimond_LV, Pauls_Riga
It is not recommended to use slangy nicknames
CoMod means a co-moderator

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 4:27 pm
by sania
for activate your account you have only 2 day after this account will be deleted

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2007 6:21 am
by CoMod
Before place "new" request need use forum Search tools Image
2. Before making a post, use the Search function and get acquainted with study depth of your problem. (The Board is already several years old and possibly your problem has been already solved, or, on the contrary is unsolvable at the moment (or in general)
See Topic LINKS viewtopic.php?t=2 before request


if topic already exist need add your "new ?" to existed topic.

I shall delete "new" questions and inquiries if the similar theme already exists.

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2007 11:01 am
by CoMod
We use the AutoRenaming option for LoginName.
in Russian wrote:Для непонимающих производится автозамена громких слов в именах - поэтому просьба относится к выбору имени более серъёзно без придания смысла имени, это всё таки форум спецов, а не пацанов.
Автозамена производится без предупреждения.
King* ---> Clown*
Super* ---> LowQuality*
Gold* ---> Dust*

Link to your site only with button


Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 7:29 am
by sania
shahid -> it left to the virgins
shahid ушёл к девственницам,просьба не беспокоить :evil:

Re: Rules (English)

Posted: Sun May 22, 2011 1:19 pm
by CoMod
How to place screencopy image

Go to

and place Forum icon links
recommended to change the default imageshack link to the next form:
replace the reference to the html page to direct link to the full-scale image

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[url=][img][/img][/url] is icon full-scale image (=icon link without .th)

Re: Rules (English)

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:35 pm
by sania
russian wrote:были удалены пользователи(~900),которые зарегистрированы до 01.06.2011 и ни разу не заходили на форум под своим аккаунтом.если вы были удалены по ошибке,вы можете зарегистрироваться вновь со старым именем и почтой
english wrote:have been removed, users (~900)who registered before 01/06/2011, and never visited to a forum for your account.if your account deleted you can register new with your old name & mail

Re: Rules (English)

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:20 am
by CoMod
===== Admins about Siemens site link ======
Look here ... d=29781496

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[/b]Click to Copy link field for receive Short link ... n/29780971


Re: Rules (English)

Posted: Mon May 13, 2013 4:40 pm
by CoMod
user wrote:I would like my account to be deleted.
Since I cannot find an automated procedure to do so in my user profile, I'm asking you to do that.
Send me private message