Need Manual for APROS (programming software for old AMK AZ)

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bin mulyadin
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Need Manual for APROS (programming software for old AMK AZ)

Post by bin mulyadin » Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:47 am

Dear All,

Recently we have problem with servo controller called AZ 20 (old AMK Servo controller). The program writen in software called APROS. I have the software and able to read the offline program (their AWL file even can be read by notepad).

What I need a documentation of the programming manual. What I want to know actually where is the command to move the axis to setpoint position (This controller handle several axis).

I have spend two days without luck (even google is very limited info about it). I believe somebody out there have experiance on this controller.

If some one want to share the experience or the programming manual I really appriciate it.

thank you

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