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LRLogix 500 activation i have key and AB USB

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:09 pm
by CraziMike
Hi its Mike
I am really green here "PLC's" i have RSL500 v3 on XP Pro the guy at AB got me all set up
with a different product on a different machine and when i was on the phone he went ahead
and gave me activation for my rsligix500 that is on other "no internet" machine my 9509-usb-dong
has no memory so he told me to put key in exactly the same directory on any machine i want
to run software on and as long as 9509 is plugged in i am good to go. so here is the problem
when i was on the phone i had win 7 up and we set up different package and all is cool plug in USB
and good to go. I take a look at the XP machine to put key "in exactly same location" and the
directory structure is very different to much different to even guess i am not in admin mode
attributes i believe are all set to visible. the "in exactly same location" win 7 path is
( C: users public publicdocuments rockwellautomation activation ) nothing is even close in win XP
a haven't called back Allen Bradley because i am still waiting on license transfer email from previous owner.
The AB guy did not say anything about EVRSI vs FT but i would think he knew what he was talking about
I did not tell hin the other machine was XP. sorry that is long winded , it looks like a lot of
sharp cookies stop by this site maybe my issue has an easy solution.
Thank you for your time and patience