help to open old project

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help to open old project

Post by PLC_ITA » Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:51 am

I'm new in rockwell automation, for this reason may be my info are not right.

My customer ask to me to revamping an old allen bradly system .

The system have the follow architecture:

Main room : 2 redoundant plc 2 server, one engineering station and 2 operator stion ( client )
remote room : 3 remote room , with remote I/O ( CNI card ) and one operator panel

I know that the supervision has been developed with RSVIEW 4.7.3 , year 2005 ( this i read into package box )

i have a backup , but i cannot use the engineering station because have the hard disk broken

Into backup i find :

- one folder named EDS that contain a lot of .eds files

- one folder named serial that contain a lot of .cfg files ( i think are configuration file for prosoft serial card )

- one folder named APA that contain 3 .APA files ( i think are a operator panel project because the name of file is the tagname of panel)

- one folder named PLC that contain ACD file ( i know that this is the plc software )

- one folder named HMI : i think that is a rsview project

the HMI contain a lot of subfolder. One of this subfolder named GFX contain a lot of .gfx file and the name are the graphical page
for this reason i think that is a backup of rsview project

into the root of HMI there is only one file named : HMI.sed

Now i have open the plc file and i can read the plc software but for the rsview i'm into black hole

I have installed a RsView32 version 7.40.00 CPR9 ( i do not have a V 4.7.3) version 7.40.00 CPR9 but when i try to open my project the system search a .rsv file.
This file is not present...

the problem is because i have a different version ?

i need a help to know which software i need to open my rsview project. (oo)

Again, i need a help to know how to do to open the .APA file ( if they are a panel prject files )

Thank you in advance

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Re: help to open old project

Post by Ryzhij » Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:41 pm

You need the FTView ME or FTView Studio software for operator panel archive project file .apa
The old RSView32 soft for PC-station only.

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