Copying Legit Allen Bradley Keys to another harddisk Discuss

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Copying Legit Allen Bradley Keys to another harddisk Discuss

Post by Ronny_Resistor » Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:46 pm

I have a notebook that has two instances of windows7 on it one is my old work the other is my new and legit work. I limited the size of this hard drive and had no more room for expansion (480 Gig) so I bought a new 1 Terra SSD and used Acronis this copy did not transfer the AB Serial numbers, so I tried the one that came with the Samsung SSD it limits HD transfer to 3 drives (I had 5 drives) I moved the data off these extra drives, same thing no serial number transfer. I thought about this and decided to try Linux. CLONEZILLA. It was a little daunting but I figured if I screwed up the Serial numbers than AB would have to cough up since someone paid a lot of money for me to have these serial numbers. Anyway CLONEZILLA moved all the contents and proportionally spaced my new Hard drive. I exchanged the hard drives and AB works. I now have two HD's that can run on my notebook.

This brings me to my next though I wonder if the AB serial numbers are linked to the Hard drive serial numbers. How does windows operating system interact with the hard drive serial numbers. If I change the serial numbers will windows still boot?? I am thinking if you have a computer and then copy the serial numbers of your Hard drive to a new computer and then copy the lic. files will AB software just run. I am not trying to sell the software I am trying to make sure that my software stays current with my future computers.

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Re: Copying Legit Allen Bradley Keys to another harddisk Dis

Post by psgama » Sat Apr 15, 2017 3:39 am

You are correct. The software links to the volume ID of your hard drive, or the MAC address of your network card depending on how it was set up

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