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[LINK]: Drive ES Basis V5.4 and Drive ES for PCS7 v6.1

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2006 8:55 am
by weijah
Compatability Chart for Technology Elements of DriveES


The reasons for the revision and further development are the market launch of STEP7 V5.4 and expanded functionality of the integrated commissioning tool.

The following innovation points were introduced:

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Fully compatible to STEP7 V5.4 
Starter Version V4.0, the commissioning tool for SINAMICS and MICROMASTER 4th Generation is integrated. 
SimoCom A Version V 04.03.00 - the tool for POSMO A is integrated. 
SimoCom U Version V 09.02.04 - the tool for SIMODRIVE 611U and POSMO CA/CD/SI is integrated. 
New DriveMonitor Version V5.4 - the tool for MASTERDRIVES and SIMOREG is integrated. 
Used under the operating system Windows Server 2003 from SP1

New features of the integrated DriveMonitor V5.4:

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Now, an OPC interface is also available as communications channel 
Now, all offline parameters can be selected as permanent function in the navigation tree of the free parameterization 
Support, new FW versions V2.4 for MASTERDRIVES MC and MC Compact Plus 
Support, new FW versions V2.2 for SIMOREG DC Master and SIMOTRAS 6SG70 
Support, new FW versions V10.4 for SIMOVERT S and V20.8 for SIMOVERT MV 
Support, new FW versions V2.1 for MICROMASTER MM440

New features of the integrated Starter V4.0:

Now, the new Starter V4.0 ( V4.0.0.x ) supports the following drive systems:

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All drive units belonging to MICROMASTER 4th Generation (new: MICROMASTER 440 V2.1x) 
SINAMICS G110 with firmware V1.0x and V1.1x 
SINAMICS G120 with firmware V2.0.x 
SINAMICS G130 with firmware V2.1x, V2.2x, V2.3x and V2.4x 
SINAMICS G150 with firmware V2.1x, V2.2x, V2.3x and V2.4x 
SINAMICS GM150 with firmware V2.4x 
SINAMICS S120 CU320 with firmware V2.1x, V2.2x, V2.3x and V2.4x 
SINAMICS S120 CU310 DP and SINAMICS S120 CU310 PN with firmware V2.4x 
SINAMICS S150 with firmware V2.1x, V2.2x, V2.3x and V2.4x 
SIMATIC ET200S FC with firmware V1.0x
Additional information about the integrated Starter Version V4.0 is available under ProdIS-ID: !23049727! 
The integrated commissioning tools can also be individually downloaded from the Internet and in this way can be used to upgrade an existing Drive ES Basic V5.3 SPx installation at no charge.

How do I receive the new version?

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Order the new version!
All orders will be available with this release for general availability. The price remains the same. 

For users that already have a version of Drive ES Basic V5.x!
These users can order the upgrade version that is available at a significantly lower price than the full version. 
For reasons relating to memory space, the complete Drive ES Basic CD V5.4 cannot be downloaded.
It can only be ordered using the upgrade version that is available at a significantly lower price than the full version. 

For customers that already have an update service contract 6SW1700-0JA00-0AB2 or 6SW1700-0JA00-1AB2!
The new version will be automatically sent to customers who have an update service contract. 

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Windows 2000, XP Professional incl. SP2 and Windows Server 2003 from SP1
STEP7 V5.2 SP1 as well as STEP7 V5.3 SPx and STEP7 V5.4

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 3:39 pm
by Link
Drive ES Basic v5.4 Cd 1:

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 Drive ES Manager V5.2.0.3_1.1.0.1 Build 30
 Drive ES Basic Sh Comp. V Build 100
 SimoCom U  V 09.02.04
 SimoCom A  V 04.03.00
 DriveMon   V  Build 248
 DriveMonReadme  V Build 23
 Micromaster  V Build 56
 Micromaster 4xx  V Build 37 
 Simadyn D  V Build 52
 Simoreg   V Build 80
 Simovert  V Build 149
 SipLink   V Build 09
 DVA S7 OM  V Build 07
 DVA S7 Konverter V Build 08

15 files, 25Mb each
Total size: 377Mb

14 * 26214 KB + 18771 KB ... part01.rar ... part02.rar ... part03.rar ... part04.rar ... part05.rar ... part06.rar ... part07.rar ... part08.rar ... part09.rar ... part10.rar ... part11.rar ... part12.rar ... part13.rar ... part14.rar ... part15.rar

Archivator wrote:If your deArchivator can't find next parts - you need rename these files to DES_Bas01.rar, DES_Bas02.rar .... DES_Bas15.rar and try unpack again.

Thanks for Uploader

Drive ES Basic CD 2

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2006 3:54 pm
by Link
Drive ES Basic v5.4 CD 2:
Starter Drive ES Basic V
Starter V
16 files 25Mb each
Total size: 400Mb

15 * 26214 KB + 15845 KB

I rename files for Oxideon to DES_Bas_5[1].4-CD2.**.rar when ** part number.

Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2006 12:48 pm
by CoMod
kaffeemuehle wrote:Thanks a lot.

Is CD1 already complete since a mistake news appears with me with the unrar?
If your deArchivator can't find next parts - you need rename these files to DES_Bas_5.4.CD1.part01.rar, .... DES_Bas_5.4.CD1.part15.rar and try unpack again.

With CD1 you can install DriveES without Starter
С CD1 вы можете установить ДрайвЕС без Стартёра.

Drive ES Basic v5.4 CD 1

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 10:08 am
by MoDa
Drive ES Basic v5.4:

Link for eMule:

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Drive ES Basic v5.4 CD1

Drive ES Basic v5.4 CD2

Drive ES Basic v5.4 CD1+CD2

Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 4:17 am
by gladiator
I've alreadky downloaded all parts of CD1 but as unziped it occured the following error message:

! CRC failed in DES_Bas_V5.4\Setup\05_DriveMon\Disk1\Disk1\ The file is corrupt

The extracted folder disk1 does not contain a file name (apprx. 81MB)

What should I do? Please help!

Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 5:21 am
by CoMod
rename all downloaded parts with increased number in end
or I rename
Check size of parts.
I unpack ALL files normaly. DriveES work.

Simatic DriveES PCS7 V6.1

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 12:16 pm
by Link
Simatic DriveES PCS7 V6.1 ... .part3.rar ... .part2.rar ... .part1.rar
2 * 23.8 MB + 20.3 MB
or 20.3 MB 23.8 MB 23.8 MB

Drive ES Simatic v5.3 and v5.4 (Block Library)
Software components on the Drive ES SIMATIC CD:
Program library DRVDPS7 with tool "Drive ES - DRIVDBx Generate"
Program library DRVDPS7C
Program library DRVUSSS7
Program library POSMO_A
Program library ADAPT_DVA
Program libraries DPS7, DPV1
Object manager
DVA_S7 converter
Documentation ... RARIES.rar ... ... RARIES.rar

Re: [LINK]: Drive ES Basis V5.4 and Drive ES for PCS7 v6.1

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:56 pm
by Update