PLCSim Profibus/Profinet communication example

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PLCSim Profibus/Profinet communication example

Post by johnnybyron » Fri Oct 26, 2018 2:07 pm

Hello yall,

First of all Im kinda noob to communications with Siemens PLCs...
Im trying to simulate communications between 2 cpus (s7-300 for example) and I was told that it is possible using PLCSim 5.4 Sp3 HF1...

But every test I did whent bust... Using CPs, using CPs integrated with the CPUs... Every try I did went wrong one way or another... (h)

Does anyone have a simple program with hw configured and can send me pls pls pls...

Or maybe a doc where it explains how to configure a 2 cpu communication using profibus/profinet that can be simulated using plcsim?

Thanks in advance

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