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Reset/Assign Profinet Device name of PN node by S7 PLC sw

Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:20 pm
by chapani
Dear all,

Im having troubles finding a solution with Siemens Step 7 V5.5 and CPU CPU 416-3 DP + CP 443-1 for Profinet IO. Profinet IO devices are MOOG Servo valves.
So I prepared the HW configuration with scalance switch X216 and on one port of the switch connected two valves in series, on another port of switch connected other two valves.
Profinet device names were assigned to each valve from Hw config edit Ethernet node -> Assign device name. added topology with partner ports properly and everything downloaded to PLC and is working fine.
If I change two Ethernet cables from Port 1 to Port 2 and vice versa of scalance going toward the valves it will detect a mismatch and need to be done factory reset from HW config for each single valve and then again need to assign profinet device name properly and everything working well.
The thing is that I would like to do this automatically, and I don’t find a way in PLC program by using some SFC or SFB or similar to be able to reset device node name, so I can assign new name to the device from PLC, or from Wincc via PLC.
Is there any hint to doing that or is not possible at all with S7 – 400 CPU.
I find it strange because same thing with allen Bradley and Ethernet IP, or Beckhoff and ethercat can be done very easily.

Machine description:
machine has two modules, on each module are 2 valves. and there is a possibility to exchange the modules, so module number 1 can be placed on position of module number 2 and should behave and software for controlling will be of module number 2 in that moment, and vice versa for other module.
Port 1 scalance cable is going always to physical position of module 1, and port 2 two physical position of module 2.
If I do not save topology than by interchanging cables, (simulating exchange of position of modules) will not work, because module 1 will always be module 1, it doesn't matter where it is, but I want to avoid this, I need to get somehow reset and assign new profinet device name automatically or semi auto from PLC sw.
Is it possible to do By PLC Program?
I tried SFB 104 but it looks that it only can reset CPU address, was tried with 417 #P/DP device, but I was not able to reset node device name....

thank you