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Post by PLC_ITA » Sun Oct 25, 2015 11:02 am

hello to all.
I would like to write a simple sw to check the presence or not of some profinet device.
In other word i woul like test if the block valve is powered because for maintenance area and/or safety reason, during the work is possible that some area are disconnect.
I use a cpu 317 pn/dp and the device to check are valve block by festo or metalworks. My developement system is TIA V13 SP1 UPD5

i have try to use SFC51 but no result. I think that i made an error but not find.

In the hardware configuraration the block valve have some addres :

input addres of block = 8170
PN/IO = 8169
Port1 = 8168
Port2 = 8167

output address = 4.. 11 ( used by activate the valve )

In SFC51 i have use the follow parameter :
SZL_ID = W#16#294
INDEX = W#16#1FEA (hex of 8170)

i have use different szl_id like 094,194 and different index like 1FE9 (hex of 8169) , 1FE8 ecc and different combination.
In the RET_VAL the output is Always the same : -32637 . sometimes 28672 (rarely)
i call the sfc 51 into OB1 and in the req i have put a clock bit whit 1 sec freq, but i have try to put also a bit Always on.

Anyone may help me ? (sos)

Thank you to all in advance

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