How to move structs around...

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How to move structs around...

Post by PaulMall » Tue Mar 05, 2013 4:07 am

Hey guys,

I am an oilfield engineer in the states and I am new to Step7. We use S7 for oilfield machinery and I have small problem... I can hear everyone groaning now, in Russian even! ;) Here is my problem and for you guys, it will be more irritation than question.

Here it is:

We have a chunk of software and it has a FB in it. There is a struct about twenty words long in the Static Variables. I have a struct output variable. How on god's green earth do I write the static variable to the output? 'Move' doesnt work. Can you give any help?

I am really really new to Step 7.


Paul Mall

Is there way to write it symbolically so it compiles correctly everytime?

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