[?]: Stat and temp error....

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[?]: Stat and temp error....

Post by alansal » Mon Nov 14, 2011 3:01 am

Dear all,

This is not an error but sort of warning...

I will write down the sequence,please examine and tell me what is wrong;

1) i check the logics online,no difference,
2) i edit one FB and add a "STAT" item. (Such as calling another FB or a Temp),
3) i save and it tells me "If i download directly it can cause the CPU to stop - which is normal",
4) i make a consistency check,
5) i check online for the block which need downloading,
6) interestingly it tells me to download OB1 (which is normal because i changed a called block's size) but it also wants me to download almost all DB's (not only the changed FB's)...

can you tell me what is going on?... because i make the same changes in 6 cpu's but somehow in 4 of them i need to download full DB's, but 2 others ask for (OB1,FBXX and DBXX only)

i seriously am bored of downloading all db's (which causes to stop CPU or i need to stop manually and restart after download) each time i make a small change!

Kind regards,

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