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by ccoa
Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:22 am
Forum: Other PLC
Topic: Somachine Motion for LMC100
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Re: Somachine Motion for LMC100

ravikaneria wrote:
reza_eca wrote:Hi
I need Somachine Motion 4.1 or 4.3 .
Plz Share it .
(pgood) (pgood)
i have somachine motion 4.4 do you want ?
Please share it.
by ccoa
Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:29 am
Forum: Other HMI
Topic: Weintek HMI .xob file password
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Re: Weintek HMI .xob file password

Could you decompile this file please.
by ccoa
Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:02 am
Forum: Drivers and Inverters
Topic: Request: Samples code of APC 2.22
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Re: Request: Samples code of APC 2.22

Hi TMS320F2812,

Could you please re-upload for software again ? All links in rapidshare are dead. :D
by ccoa
Fri Nov 27, 2015 8:40 pm
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Topic: Help AEG ALU 200
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Re: Help AEG ALU 200

Can you share Dolog AKF software ? I'm searching for long time. :)
by ccoa
Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:40 pm
Forum: SIMATIC system
Topic: ET200CPU with Schneider Lexium LXM32
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Re: ET200CPU with Schneider Lexium LXM32

LXM32M can put Profibus slave optional card. If you need to control with complex motion control, better use LXM32A with LMC058 from Schneider
by ccoa
Mon May 17, 2010 10:14 am
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Topic: [LINK]: Dolog AKF and Eberle
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Re: [LINK]: Dolog AKF and Eberle


Can someone post for Dolog AKF 125 ?
This is software for AEG Modicon A250.

Cheers !